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Honeywell is dedicated to bringing quality data collection and PDT to the Law Enforcement community, Departments of Transportation, and related agencies with TraCS compatible 2D handheld imaging scanners. We partner with leading manufacturers, application vendors and channels to support this effort.

Our focus is on the emerging DOT, Law Enforcement and security markets, bringing a single focused product and support team to this effort. Consistent product application and support will lead to quick and easy integration of the 2D barcode scanners with TraCS. We add value in technical support, application knowledge, our ability to bring focus to issues and quickly resolve them.

The Honeywell 4810LR Compact Area-Imaging Scanner Kit works with the Iowa DOT, and other TraCS states to integrate the use of 2D imaging scanners to read the PDF-417 AAMVA barcodes on drivers licenses. In addition to reading the barcodes, we integrate the 2D readers as imaging devices to attach pictures to e-citations. The imaging scanners are used to digitally capture signatures too.

We have supplied devices to many agencies which have deployed the TraCS system. We constantly work with these users to develop the best bar code and imaging solutions for this application.

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Honeywell 4910LR-152-LTRK TRACS Drivers License Barcode Scanner
MSRP: $540.10
Price: $378.00
Honeywell  4910LR-152-LTRK TRACS Drivers License Barcode Scanner
New updated Drivers License TraCS-compatible scanner
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