Ultimate Care Warranty Uplift

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Ultimate Care Warranty

Panasonic's Ultimate Care warranty uplift is the Ultimate laptop or tablet warranty . The Ultimate Care warranty upgrade essentially will repair, including cosmetic damage or replace your Panasonic Toughbook or Toughpad an unlimited amount of times during the life of the warranty.

How can Panasonic can the offer this type of coverage?

Panasonic unwavering confidence when it comes to its claim of rugged durability. Of course you may ask "then why do I need it" Because accidents do happen and when they do you may be faced with an expensive out of pocket cost. Like insurance, you hope you never have an accident or property claim. You may believe a Toughbook or Toughpad is indestructible, and reasonably so considering you may already own a Toughbook or Toughpad or maybe watched video of a Toughbook being dropped to earth from the space shuttle. Just a little overstatement of what an internet search will find. However, no rugged laptop or tablet is unbreakable. So we recommend this warranty extension for every Toughbook and Toughpad we sell.

Toughbook Laptop ProPlus to Ultimate Care Uplift within first 12 months of Proplus purchase. Provides Ultimate Care coverage for remainder of original ProPlus warranty term. Requires ProPlus extended warranty and
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Toughpad FZ-G1 mk3 Specification Sheet


Ultimate Care Warranty Uplift

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