For Fire, Police and EMS Public Safety emergency first responders, getting to the scene of a crime, fire, disaster or outage is critical and may often be life and death situation. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers and tablets provide reliable responsive communication more quickly to critical information that can be vital in averting or responding to a disaster.

Law enforcement personnel, whether responding to an emergency, making a routine traffic stop or conducting a police stakeout, rely on computer-equipped vehicles to serve as their mobile command centers. Unreliable vehicle computer mounting solutions can negatively impact an officer's ability to assist victims, access police records or solve a crime.

In addition, law enforcement agencies need to guard against computer theft and stolen data at all times. To address the unique lockable in-vehicle computing needs of law enforcement agencies, Fire and EMS agencies, Panasonic, Havis and Gamber Johnson provides vehicle-mounted-rugged Toughbook and Toughpad vehicle docking and mounting solutions specifically designed for your vehicles.

Solutions to safely mount your CF-33

• Mount as a Tablet - Optional USB Backlit Keyboard

Panasonic CF 33 Mount as a Tablet
• Mount as a Laptop - Premium Keyboard Required

Toughbook CF 33 Mount as a Laptop

• Mount using your existing CF-31 dock with VDA (Vehicle Dock Adapter)

Toughbook 31 to 33 Vehicle Dock Adapter (VDA)

No need to go it alone. M Rugged Mobile Technology will help guide you with a complete vehicle mounting solution for your Toughbook 33.  We even have installation services that get it done right the first time.

Don't spend time looking across the internet to find the components you need, just contact us!

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TOUGHBOOK CF 33 Desktop Docking
TOUGHBOOK CF-33 Laptop Desktop Docking Station - CF-VEB331U
MSRP: $399.00
PRICE: $334.95
TOUGHBOOK CF-33 Laptop Desktop Docking Station - CF-VEB331U
Desktop Docking for the TOUGHBOOK CF-33 Laptop Full Port replication Requires Premium keyboard