The key word " Refurbished Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Computers" by actual definition is a product "refurbished" by Panasonic. To the best of our knowledge these are typically reseller or Panasonic Rep "demo" units that have been returned to Panasonic when a new model roll out takes place. They are tested by a Panasonic technician and rebranded refurbished , BIOS hours reset to zero and serial numbers coded as "refurbished" product with a 90 Day warranty from Panasonic. Not to be confused with any other refurbished product, check the serial number for a "PR" in it. If not, the refurbished Toughbook may be "refurbished" by someone with unknown qualifications and have unknown warranties .

Savings experienced with refurbished TOUGHBOOK Laptop computers may seem to compensate for the short 90 day warranty, we disagree. M Rugged Mobile believes the value is the warranty so any "Refurbished Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Computer" and all of our RE/Newed Panasonic Toughbooks have a 1 year warranty. This may cost a little more, but the overall value cannot be compared.

We can Refurbish almost any Rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Laptops and Tablets to your specifications. We encourage you to research any refurbished Panasonic TOUGHBOOK on the internet, then call us with any questions.