Full-Page Printing for Pest Management

Reliable full-page printing solutions for bait station locations and inspection and service reports for customer log book binders – practically anywhere

Brother™ PocketJet® 7 Series mobile thermal printers can help pest control techs to quickly and easily print full-page log book binder reports, inspection reports, rodent bait station locations, EPA compliance documents, guarantees and certificates onsite from their laptops, or wireless-enabled iOS®, Android™ or Windows® tablets and smartphones. Their one-button printing simplicity and easy connectivity can help even those with minimal computer experience to print the full-page reports, customer notifications, and documentation of chemicals used, guarantees and certificates at the point of service, helping to reduce downtime and errors.

Small and compact enough to fit in a computer bag, briefcase, or in the hard cases many techs already carry to customer sites, there are also a variety of optional* rollfold and fanfold cases that hold the printer, battery and paper available, as well as mounts* and power options for use in almost any service vehicle.

Mobile full-page printing solutions pest control techs can rely on – even in extreme heat or cold.

Print full-page documents from these mobile thermal printers with crisp text and graphics, on-demand, on-site or from a vehicle, even in extreme conditions. The thermal printing technology of the PocketJet® 7 Series printers has been proven reliable from the scorching heat of Arizona to the frigid cold of Alaska.

Easy to use. Easy to connect. Easy to maintain.

Models within the PocketJet® 7 Series include compact, lightweight printers with one-button printing simplicity and USB and wireless connectivity for simplified printing in many cases without additional drivers or apps from a variety of mobile devices. And since there’s only one consumable, they are easy to maintain, too.

No inks. No toners. Better reliability.

The thermal printing technology used in the PocketJet® 7 Series of mobile printers eliminates the need for inks, toners or ribbons – the only consumable is thermal paper. That means less to carry to the field, less to manage, and less to go wrong.