It's no secret that ambulance reimbursement has evolved into a complex, time consuming function for every
EMS provider. Many provider are finding that they do not have the staff, technology, or resources necessary to
provide timely billing and collection services to their clients. Combined with the nearly constant changes in
Medicare, Mediaid and insurance payment policies, today's ambulance service may feel trapped in a red-tape world.

That's where ProMed's experienced and knowledgeable can help. With over 50 years combined experience in
ambulance service management, our staff utilizes the latest technology to turn mountains of paperwork into
revenues critical to your system's success. Whenever possible, we submit claims electronically to payers for quick
reimbursement and provide operational and financial reports to help you manage your service more efficiently.

All of our billing functions are performed with your organization and your community in mind. We take extra care
to put a local flavor on all correspondence and in our conversations with your customers. Our data systems provide
secure storage and failsafe backups for critical information. And, YES, we are HIPAA and ANSI compliant!

The decision to to use ProMed as your billing service is simple. We focus on the technical, complex reimbursement
issues which allows you to focus on what you do best -- caring for your patients and your community.

What Pro Med Clients Are Saying About their Billing Services...

"At first I felt as if I were giving up some control of my business. But, I soon realized that tapping into ProMed's
expertise was actually providing me better control of my business."

"Our small volunteer ambulance service was fading fast. We barely had enough cash reserves to buy fuel for our
ambulance. ProMed was able to put together a billing plan that started the cash flowing again. Thanks to
ProMed's dedicted staff, we are still in business"

"Sweeping changes in Medicare and the HIPAA privacy standards took a toll on my service. ProMed's systems
have enabled us to stay ahead of the curve. Their billing services are second to none." Working with ProMed's
Billing Services has convinced me that outsourcing makes perfect sense."