The CF-19 has gone through 8 generations of upgades and is discontinued, replaced with the Toughbook CF-20 2 in 1 tablet to laptop. If you have a continuing requirement for the CF-19 we have refurbished units, parts and accessories to keep you up and running.

Toughbook 19 MK8Toughbook 20 Options

The first MIL-STD-810G certified tablet PC, with a blend of in-the-field flexibility and proven durability, Toughbook® 19* transforms easily from a laptop to a handwriting-friendly tablet PC. The Toughbook 19 features the Windows Vista® operating system (also available with Windows XP), a 10.4” sunlight-viewable 1,000 nit display with Panasonic CircuLumin™ technology, Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro™ technology and optional integrated Gobi™ mobile broadband. Available with a standard touchscreen or dual touch LCD (touchscreen and digitizer). In addition, a 6-foot drop & IP65 certified design with a full magnesium alloy case, helps to ensure that the Toughbook 19 will stand up to the most rigorous environments.

Ambulance Service Solution
Paper-based systems are inadequate to collect and organize the volume of information given by patients and relatives during emergency situations. To further complicate matters, handwritten records must be transferred manually into the service's computer system later—increasing overtime hours, delaying the insurance reimbursement process and creating a higher likelihood of errors.
Using Toughbook® mobile computers and automated patient assessment applications, ambulance services can capture patient data more efficiently and minimize administrative efforts. Some Toughbook computers convert from laptop to tablet configuration in seconds, making it easier to accurately record data during emergency situations, while also reducing the rate of insurance form rejection due to legibility issues. Toughbook mobile computers can also provide a direct link to the computer aided dispatch (CAD) center, allowing the transfer of routing data, call location, patient history and area maps to the ambulance crew. The built-in mobile broadband wireless allows crews to send end-of-shift files to the service's main computer, eliminating the need to manually enter data once they return to the office. These advantages add up to significant productivity gains and operational savings.

Fire/EMS Administrative Solution
EMS administrators provide vital support to first responders. They must purchase and track equipment, schedule maintenance, order supplies, handle billing matters and manage all aspects of human resources. The job of administrators is an enormous challenge involving meetings, on-sitevisits and endless paperwork that must be organized, tracked, retrieved and audited in order to assure that the department is always ready for whatever emergency arises. Administrators have specialized needs that differ from those of firefighters, fire inspectors and fire investigators, and Panasonic offers Toughbook® solutions to meet those needs. The wireless capabilities of Toughbook laptops allow administrators to maintain contact with their staff and access to their records at any time. The daylight viewable touchscreen makes recordkeeping and data entry faster, easier and more accurate—indoors or outdoors. When combined with Fire/EMS-specific software, Toughbook solutions add up to a greater return on investment and a more efficient Fire/EMS department

Electronic Patient Care Reporting Solution
EMS technicians gather a lot of information about the patient and their condition while en route to the hospital. This information is used to treat patients once they arrive in the emergency room. Traditionally, this data has been collected on paper forms, creating possible delays in treating patients and complicating the insurance reimbursement process. Because Toughbook® mobile computers are light and portable, information can be entered quickly and accurately and then wirelessly transferred to the emergency room while en route to the hospital. In addition, Toughbook laptops employ magnesium alloy cases and shock-mounted hard drives to withstand the shocks and vibrations that occur in fast moving vehicles, For even more protection, the spill-resistant keyboards reduce concerns about blood or other bodily fluids contaminating the units. The advanced wireless features of Toughbook mobile computers allow EMS technicians to access and update vital patient records quickly and accurately. This allows them to focus on saving lives rather than on filling out paperwork and transferring records manually to department computers.

Fire Investigation Solution
All fires require investigation to determine cause and to learn how to prevent future fires. And for suspicious fires, they must be more closely investigated to determine possible arson, insurance fraud, firecode violations or other illegal activity. A fire investigator's work may involve many interviews with fire and EMS first responders, property owners, tenants and other witnesses. They need to review insurance policies and do detective work in search of potential motives for arson. They also need to inspect the fire scene—often a dangerous place—and conduct detailed forensic work to determine if there is evidence of accelerants or criminal activity. The investigator’s job requires indisputably accurate recordkeeping to assure proper handling of materials and evidence that may need to be presented in court. Panasonic Toughbook laptops are superbly suited to the work of fire investigators. Daylight viewable touchscreens and specialized software enable fire investigators to access and collect information from many sources, and organize it into evidence. Integrated mobile broadband capabilities enable the investigator to wirelessly transfer evidence to law enforcement agencies, the court system and insurance companies. The rugged construction of Toughbook mobile computers means they can take the heat and everything else they might face during a challenging fire investigation