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Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Unique Technology

Panasonics line of semi-rugged PCs inherits the technology and expertise featured in fully-rugged PCs while offering a level of robustness that surpasses our business-rugged PCs. The new CF-53 harnesses the performance of desktop PC within a compact package to meet the demands of professionals on the move. This model is the suitable tool for repair servicemen on the go who perform maintenance and provide support for devices, as well as sales representatives giving presentations and product demonstrations while conducting sales in the field. In addition to these applications, this sturdy notebook PC provides the durability needed to withstand the harsh conditions for conducting measurements on the production line and handling quality management in the warehouse. The CF-53’s predecessor, the CF-52 series, has earned the trust of many in the automotive industry, where it has sold especially well. The CF-52 series offers the reliability technicians demand for portable terminals and provides a specialized interface for connecting with inspection devices.

Panasonic gives the highest priority to creating products our customers can trust. This is the reason why we spend some much time speaking and interacting with them. We value all the feedback they give us and make sure that it is implemented in the development stage of each product we make. It was the very ideas and suggestions customers made that inspired us to develop the brand-new Toughbook CF-53. While faithfully incorporating all the feedback we received, we also made sure to throw in some of our own innovations and technology as well. In this section we will introduce the unique features offered by the CF-53.

User need (1): Lighter and smaller model that delivers the ultimate in mobility.

Unlike the office, there are usually no desks at large factories or warehouses where you can set up your laptop to do work. To get the most out of your laptop, you need to be able to carry it with you while moving around the site. Many of our customers voiced this need, indicating that they wanted a lightweight device capable of delivering the same level of performance as a normal laptop. In response we gave the Toughbook CF-53 a lighter and more compact body to make it easier to carry.  Weighing in at 5.84 lbs {2.65 kg}, this model is significantly lighter than its predecessor the Toughbook CF-52, which weighs 7.5 lbs {3.4 kg}. We also enhanced portability by giving the CF-53 a sturdy grip with a universal design and reducing the overall size by 17% to make it more compact. One of the ways in which we achieved this was by equipping the new model with a 14” HD LCD, one full size smaller than the 15.6” LCD display of the Toughbook CF-52.

You may be wondering how we were able to fit the hard disk drive (HDD) into this new model, considering all the measures we took to lighten it and make it more compact. So where did we put the HDD? On the underside of the body. This is one of the new design features implemented in the CF-53. To detach the HDD from earlier models, you had to open a cover on the side and pull it out from the body. The CF-53 changes this by making the HDD part of the body, fitting it snugly in a slot on the underside. This new design feature makes the CF-53 lighter by eliminating the space needed for panels and covers to enclose the HDD, yet still retains the durability of this model’s predecessors. The HDD connector is set at a slant to make it easier to detach without damaging any of the parts. For added security we have provided special screws you can use to lock the HDD firmly in place, making it difficult for people to run off if with your information.

In addition, we changed the design of the optical disk drive (ODD) by switching from a multi-bay structure to a fix-mount structure. The main drawback of a multi-bay structure is that sufficient space must be allocated in order to remove the ODD. The fix-mount structure solves this problem by incorporating the ODD within the body structure, thereby cutting down on space and reducing the total weight. To replace the drive, all you have to do is remove the lock screws from inside the body. As you can see, in developing the CF-53 we aimed to produce an extremely simple and lightweight design that retained all the devices necessary for delivering optimal performance. The combination of our ingenuity and relentless pursuit to achieve these goals enabled us to produce a new model perfectly catered to the needs of our customers.

User need (2): Enhanced performance without compromising durability.

Some people are probably skeptical as to how we could make a lighter model that delivers the same level of durability. However, that is exactly what we did with the CF-53. It is every bit as tough as the existing CF-52, but weighs even less. The secret lies in the “Bonnet structure of the top panel that covers the LCD, so named because it resembles the Bonnet of car. This same technology is also applied in our business-rugged PCs, including the CF-S series. The underlying idea of this construction is incredibly unique. Imagine a single, flat piece of paper: left flat, the piece of paper can be easily bent, but when folded, the paper becomes much stronger and better able to withstand the force applied to it.

Applying this technology, we succeeded in making the body thinner yet equally as sturdy as previous models. This enabled us to drastically reduce the amount of magnesium throughout the entire body. To prove that this model is sufficiently light yet durable enough to endure demanding field conditions, we subjected the CF-53 to a number of severe quality tests. One of these was a drop test, in which we dropped the product from a height of 30 inch {76 cm}. For more information about these tests, check out the Proof of Toughness movies on our website. Along with testing the physical toughness of the CF-53, we imagined the different environments in which it would be used. One feature we added was a heater* for the HDD, which makes it possible to boot up the OS at atmospheric temperatures as low as 14 °F {-10 °C}. The heater runs while the device is starting, enabling the OS to boot up right away on chill winter mornings, or after being left in the cold of a car or warehouse all night.

The staunch durability and low level of defects provide advantages that are not readily apparent when merely examining the performance and specs. Along with the outstanding level of robustness and mobility, the CF-53 also features Intel’s latest platform. When all these features are put together, it is clear this model is truly in a class of its own.

User need (3): Multi-faceted configuration to meet a variety of needs

In a number of business applications, it is extremely important to have a machine capable of connecting to peripheral devices. The CF-53 supports a variety of terminals, ranging from classic legacy ports such as Serial and PC card slots to state-of-the-art high-speed interfaces. This flexible configuration allows users to connect two PC card slots at the same time or use a particular interface for a specific operation. In addition to standard terminals, we responded to the needs of users by adding a selectable port* to the CF-53. This optional port makes it possible to use a number of different connection technologies, such as second LAN, modem, pass-through antenna, IEEE1394, and Rugged Fischer® USB Port Connector. *Factory option. When it comes to backing up large-volume storage, a high-speed interface is a must. The CF-53 is equipped with a USB3.0 connection that makes transferring data fast and easy.
Though small in size, the CF-53 contains a combination of conventional ports and state-of-art interfaces. Not only is the CF-53 equipped with a conventional D-sub 15 pin for external display output, but it also comes with an HDMI port for larger display output, as well as supports the latest high-volume SD cards (SDXC). In short, the CF-53 delivers all the essentials to ensure you will be able to tackle any application.

The development of the CF-53 was fueled by our desire to create a product that perfectly responded to the needs of our customers. The end result of this relentless drive for design and functionality is a work of original technology that more than satisfies these demands. At Panasonic, we are firmly committed to responding to the voices of our users. The thoughts and ideas they share are what enable us to create new technologies tailored to their specific needs.


*Specifications and configurations may vary depending on country. Accessories may vary depending on your mobile PC configuration. Consult a Panasonic sales office near you for more details and availability of integrated options.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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 the toughbook cf-53 now has a vehicle mounted port replicator available.

*Non-operating, 6 surfaces (tested at Panasonic laboratory; no guarantee that unit never gets broken)

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