FZ-55C860CVM - Panasonic Toughbook CF-55 i7 FHD Touchscreen 4G dGPS

MSRP: $3,434.00
Price Increase July 1, 2022 - CALL
MFR: Panasonic

The way we work with mobile technology is evolving faster and working better than ever before thanks to digital innovation. That’s why Panasonic
is introduced the TOUGHBOOK 55 with a customer-driven modular design that supports virtually all mobile laptop user that require a high-performance
semi-rugged laptop with the ability to customize a configuration to exacting specifications. If your configuration requirement changes upgrading is
easy with available X Paks.

Modular, Customizable and Configurable
Unprecedented Battery Life
Powerful Performance
Backwards Compatibility
Supports All Customers

Model Snapshot

Win10 Pro, Intel Core i7-8665U 1.9GHz, vPro, 14.0in FHD 1000 nit Touchscreen , 512GB SSD, 8GB, Intel Wi-Fi, BT, TPM 2.0, 4G LTE Band 14 (EM7511), dGPS, Dual Pass (Ch1:dGPS/Ch2:WWAN), Infrared Webcam, Emissive Backlit Keyboard, Flat year warranty

TOUGHBOOK 55 - I7 Touchscreen 4G LTE dGPS
TOUGHBOOK 55 - I7 Touchscreen 4G LTE dGPSPanasonic TOUGHBOOK 55TOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Front / Handle ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Optional DVD or BluRay  ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Optional Fingerprint ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Optional I/O ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Optional SmartCardViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged TouchPen garageTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Front Side ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Left Side ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Right Side ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Rear Side ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Bottom ViewTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop SSD Drive PackTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Expansion Capability TOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Factory OptionsTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop SSD StorageTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop USB PortsTOUGHBOOK 55 Semi-Rugged Laptop Optional Serial / VGA / LAN / USB  Ports

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