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Laptop Data Security

Trusted Platform Module

Infineon offers hardware and software products for Trusted Computing in compliance with the specifications published by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).


The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a specific protected and encapsulated microcontroller security chip use to defend the internal data structures against real intelligent attacks.


The nature of this security chip ensures that the information like keys, password and digital certificates stored within is made more secure from external software attacks and physical theft. With the handful of keys it stores, all crytographic functions are performed on the chip.


TPM is an implementation of Root-of-Trust which is integrated into the boot process to establish trust level and gather measurement about the running environment for trusted reporting. Hence, TPM is typically affixed to the motherboard of a computing system.


Security of the whole system is based on the protection and secrecy of the cryptographic system, especially against reading out or manipulation of the key material.


TPM provides the ability for a computing system to run applications more secured, allows secured remote access, performed electronic transactions and communication more safely.


Infineon is the industry proven security leader that has developed the only complete end-to-end TCG compliant security solution including all required hardware, software and security management capabilities solution.


The corresponding software offered by Infineon is the TPM Professional Package 3.5 for Microsoft Windows. This software package exhibits a layered structure implementing the Trusted Software Stack (TSS) according to the TCG specifications.


TSS is a software specification that provides a standard Application Protocol Interface (API) for accessing the functions for TPM. In addition Infineon offers middleware and management interfaces.


Built in Security Chip (Hardware)
Built-in Security Chip (TPM)*
Powerful security is achieved since the encryption key stores on different hardware (security chip) separate from the hard disk where data is stored. In the event of unauthorized access, steal or loss of the hard disk, the encryption key will not be found.
What is a Security Chip (TPM)*
Established by TCG (Trusted Computing Group), an organization promoting security standardization, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a computer chip that contains an encryption key for security and privacy protection.

*Installation of Infineon TPM Professional Package is required to use this feature

Conventional PC

Security level increased against unauthorized access and data reading.



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