Laptop Mounts

Laptop MOUNTs


M Rugged Mobile Technology offers Panasonic Toughbook "laptop mounts" computer Vehicle Mounting Installation Services.  Our products can be  efficiently installed into any type of vehicle – Fire trucks, Police cars, Ambulances, military vehicles, even forklifts. using  Your vehicle mechanic, local installer or our installation team.


This service provides your organization with the support needed to make your mobile data deployment successful. Once your organization has selected the Panasonic Toughbook laptop computer models to be deployed, proper vehicle mounting issues need to be considered.


Key considerations:


Mount effect on the vehicle’s power management system and how it will interact with the mount ( Battery run down, charging voltage and protection)


Mount functionality and location in the vehicle to enhance user productivity ( No drill seat bolt base, console base, counter base)


mount Airbag compliance and full access to vehicle  controls


Typically, the components required to mount a Toughbook laptop in a vehicle include a vehicle dock, dock plate, tilt/swival, swing arm,base plate, pole, c, and vehicle power interface.  Additionally, the installation may also require the use of accessories like roof mounting antennas to enhance the wireless wWAN/wlan/gps port replicator pass-through, GPS , radios or satellite radio systems, and mobile video recording systems.


The complete solution is designed to enhance the productivity of your organization’s users in the field. M Rugged Mobile Technology  will provide a complete estimate of products and services that outlines the entire installation process.  Your organization will also be provided with  warranty information on all equipment used in the vehicle installation process


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