Rugged Tablet and Laptop computers that are purpose-built for use in the most hazardous environments. These tablet or laptop PC's allows for safe use in industrial dangerous job sites where traditional tablets or laptops cannot be used.

Certified under the highest standards of safety for some of the most explosive conditions, ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and Class I, II, III Division 1 and 2, these tablet and laptops are part of a fully integrated configurations that brings safe and reliable computing to the world’s most hazardous industries.

Select Panasonic Models support Class 1 Divison 2 Certification - Toughbook CF-20, CF-31, CF-33 Toughpad FZ-G1, FZ-B2, FZ-M1, FZ-E1, FZ-X1

Panasonic Toughbook Haz Loc Class 1 Division 2 Computers

If you require a Class 1 Divison 1 Certification for a Intrinsically Safe tablet we have several  different manufacturer models available.

Rugged tablets are used in many different industries that may have flammable gases vapors or dust that increase the risk of explosion.   Intrinsically Hazardous Location Certified tablets computers are available to mitigate this risk. When Worker safety is a priority in these enviroments choosing the right level of hazardous location certification becomes important when considering the purchase of any ruggedized tablet computer.  There are several manufacturers of rugged tablet with different safety ratings classifications. We can help you to sort this out.

Feel free to contact us for assistance in locating the rugged tablet computer best suited for your rugged environment.

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