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Brother Pocketjet Printers

USB and Bluetooth Configuration Technical Brief

The most seamless solution will be to use the printers over USB and to disable USB serial numbers, either via the Registry or to send the DisableSN command to each printer.

In this case, all printers appear to Windows to be exactly the same, so a single print queue created on 1 laptop can be used for all 5 printers.Additional documentation can be provided for each of these methods if desired.


If you want to use BT instead of USB.


1).       To use all printers with one laptop using BT as the connection:


a. EACH laptop will have to PAIR with EACH printer separately.


b. a PRINT QUEUE must be created for EACH printer.

§         To create a Print Queue, use the Add Printer Wizard or our installation program (which will launch APW). During the APW process, select the COMx port that matches the Virtual Serial Port that was created during the BT PAIRING process.


NOTE: Related to PRINT QUEUE, this may depend on the BT Stack installed on the laptops.

§         When using the Microsoft Stack, each BT connection will result in a new COMx port being created. For example, suppose the 1st paired printer is paired on COM5. In most cases, the other 4 connections will be created on COM6, COM7, COM8, and COM9, though there is no guarantee that Microsoft will create virtual COM ports in this order. The user must know EXACTLY which COMx port was created for the specific connection so it can be selected when adding the print queue.

§         When using the Toshiba Stackwe believe that it works similarly to Microsoft stack. AFAIR, each new connection gets a different COMx, and a new queue must be created for each one.

§         When using the Widcomm/Broadcom Stack,  this was problematic and confusing to setup connections to multiple BT printers. But, once properly setup, it MAY be possible that each new connection can be used on the same port. If so, then only a single print queue would be needed for each printer. But, I am not 100% certain that this is how it will work. It may be like the other cases and require a separate print queue for each printer.



c. Recommendations:

§         (optional) Use Config Utility to change the LOCAL NAME of each BT printer so that they can be differentiated from each other. USB port MUST be used to change the BT information inside the BT module. Recommend changing LOCAL NAME from "PocketJet" to "PocketJet12345", where 12345 are the LAST 5 DIGITS OF THE PRINTER SERIAL NUMBER. This is not 100% necessary, because user can turn on just one printer at a time, so only 1 printer is "discovered" when attempting to pair. But, it may be helpful to have each printer identify differently nonetheless.

§         When creating the print queue for each printer, recommend changing "Brother PocketJet X" to "Brother PocketJet X (12345)", where "12345" are last 5 digits of printer serial number.

§         User may wish to put a LABEL on top of each printer containing the LAST 5 DIGITS of the printer S/N, so they will know which print queue to use when they get into a different vehicle with a different printer.



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