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Brother Pocketjet Thermal Printers
Brother Pocketjet 722

Mobile Full-page Printing   

The PocketJet 7 mobile thermal printer is out-of-the-box ready to support full-page mobile printing from the most popular computers and mobile devices. It features the legendary PocketJet reliability and fast full-page print speeds. But the really big deal is the freedom it gives you and your mobile workforce—the freedom to print virtually anywhere, from almost any device, without special apps or drivers. Brother Pocketjet Kits include all you need to get started printing.

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Brother Ruggedjet 4" Ticket Printer

Brother Ruggedjet

2" 3" 4"  Mobile Receipt and Label Printer

Equip your mobile workforce with mobile label and receipt printers designed to quickly and reliably print labels, receipts, tags, and more from wireless, tested-tough devices that are easy to use and maintain in the field, in the store, or in the warehouse. Our durable RuggedJet products are also backed by legendary Brother reliability and some of the best warranties in the industry.

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The Brother Mobile Pocketjet and Ruggedjet from M Rugged Mobile Technology provide innovative printing solutions for law enforcement agencies. These solutions help officers to do what they do best, serve and protect. Public safety departments require fast, reliable mobile printing solutions that can reduce citation duration, improve accuracy, provide efficiency and boost revenue by eliminating illegible handwriting and error-prone handwitten citations.

Brother Printers for Police eCitation

The Pocketjet full page themal printer or Ruggedjet 4" Thermal Printer can print these dcouments with ease:

• e-Citations
• Parking violations
• Accident/crime scene investigations
• Evidence & shipping labels
• Emergency instructions
• Amber Alerts
• Inspection reports
• Warning and violation notices

Public Safety Moves to eCitation

Brother Mobile Pockejet and Ruggedjet printers are just one component of today’s eCitation solutions. In addition to a mobile printer, these systems utilize a Panasonic Toughbook laptop, tablet or handheld computer, as well as an eCitation software solution.

Public Safety Officers can do database searches for traffic violations and criminal offenses and can capture the a signature, photo or fingerprint. These systems can immediately synchronize and submit citation data wirelessly to their department’s Record Management System as well as the court system.

eCitations increase officer safety by cutting roadside ticketing time in half. They also help improve revenue collection by providing accuracy. Typically, 10 to 15 percent of handwritten tickets are dismissed due to illegibility, which adds up to lost revenue, according to benefits of e-Citations.

Public Safety Demands Rugged, Reliable On-Demand Printing

Police and Public safety officials require compact, rugged, reliable printers that hold up to weather extremes and print virtually anywhere, from almost any device.

M Rugged Mobile offers two Brother Mobile models of their mobile printers that are used in law enforcement:

The PocketJet® 7 Full-Page Mobile Printer is the leading full-page mobile printer in police vehicles nationwide and is engineered to be mounted inside the vehicle.

The RuggedJet® RJ4200 can print smaller format documents from 1” to 4” wide which can be used either in the vehicle or carried on a belt or shoulder strap.

Both the RuggedJet 4200 and PocketJet 7 models can print high resolution documents from virtually any device. They are lightweight, battery-powered and are thermal, which eliminates
ink or toner and out-of-the-box ready to print from smartphones, tablets and PCs built on iOS, Android™, Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems.

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Brother Pocketjet 7
Thermal Printer,200 or 300 dpi, 600 Page LiIon battery, Windows, IPad and Android Print Support
Brother Ruggedjet Mobile Printer
4" mobile receipt and label printer