Due to an unforeseen supply chain component interruption, Brother is discontinuing the PocketJet 7 product line and making the immediate transition to the new PocketJet 8. This next generation will be available to order in mid-July. The PocketJet 8 maintains the same form factor while enhancing performance with new and improved features. The introduction and rapid transition to the PocketJet 8 helps resolve predicted supply chain issues with the PocketJet 7.

There is a PocketJet 8 equivalent model with some new included features for every PocketJet 7 model. First, MFi is included in all Bluetooth models eliminating the need for an additional specific MFi model. Additionally, the previous PocketJet 7 Wi-Fi-only model now has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios in one PocketJet 8 model.

The PocketJet 8 is form, fit, and functionally backward compatible with the PocketJet 7 except for the USB Type-C connector. Any application using a USB connection will require a USB Type-C cable.

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Mobile Printing for Public Safety

Public safety professionals require fast, reliable mobile printing solutions that keep them focused on the job, not the technology. At Brother, we engineer tough, portable, and extremely reliable mobile printing solutions that handle the wide variety of E-citations, tickets, reports, and Amber Alerts quickly and easily. Explore advanced technology solutions for public safety in-vehicle and out.

Accident reports,Amber Alerts,Summons,Warrants,E-citations,Warnings,Parking violations,Driver information exchanges,Receipts and more

Mobile Printing for Field Services

From general contracting and maintenance to pest management and utilities service, the need for mobile printing in the field or your vehicle has never been greater. Brother Mobile Solutions provides simple, affordable, and extremely reliable mobile printing and labeling solutions for workers on-the-go.

Estimates,Service and installation instructions,Invoices,Receipts,Compliance documents,Price quotes,Maintenance and repair reports and more

Mobile Printing for Transportation

The need for over-the-road mobile printing has never been greater. In-cab printing helps save time and money and dramatically improves over-the-road operations. Learn how today’s driver wirelessly prints full-page and small format documents on the go from virtually any device. No wires. No cords. No inks or toners.

Driver logs, Bills of lading, Hours of Service (HOS),Delivery documents, Manifests, Permits, Invoicesand more

Mobile Printing for Home Healthcare

In the home healthcare environment, our award-winning, truly mobile full-page printers enable clinicians to wirelessly print medication lists, instructions, and other patient care documents on demand from practically any PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Detailed medication lists,Drug interaction data,Patient safety and care instructions,Plans of care, References for family and auxiliary caretakers,Medical test results, Transferred patient medical records and more

With all Brother PocketJet® 7 direct thermal printer models you get the new freedom to print virtually anywhere, from any mobile device. All models are small enough to easily fit in a briefcase or shoulder bag, or mount in a vehicle – including motorcycles.
There are also accessory cases available to carry, mount and protect the thermal printer, battery and paper, including a new IP54-certified roll case designed to withstand moisture and dust. There’s even a handy lightweight roll-up case available to hold the printer, battery and paper.

With six models (722, 723, 762, 763, 763MFi, 773) to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect PocketJet® 7 full-page mobile thermal printer for you.

Pre-Configured Kits

Workforce Kit
Ideal for mobile workforces that typically carry the printer with them all day and then charge the printer when they return home or to the office. Includes the PocketJet® 7 thermal printer with wireless and USB interfaces, a battery, preset auto off feature which times out when not in use, a carrying case, and a cigarette lighter adapter for contingency power.

Vehicle Kit
For a vehicle operator who will be mounting the printer inside the vehicle and powering it primarily from the vehicle, this kit includes the PocketJet® 7 thermal printer with a USB interface and necessary power accessories. But because of the variety of mounting and placement options available, a mounting solution must be ordered separately.

Developer Kit
A specialized kit for developers, including a PocketJet® 7 thermal printer, Brother SDKs, configuration software, and additional documentation.

Basic Kit
Designed for the mobile professional who prints from a PC, this kit features the newest, lightest case to conveniently carry both the PocketJet® 7 thermal printer and thermal paper, in addition to power supply, drivers and USB cable.