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The Panasonc TOUGHBOOK 55 rugged laptop has the most innovative design that supports unrivaled customization with new expansion areas and multiple modular expansion pack accessories to meet customer requirements. With the ability to customize their laptop, customers can simplify ordering, shorten lead times, decrease downtime and evolve their model as needs change.

Choose Intel i5 or i7 processors, with Standard 14" HD or 1000nit brightness 14" Touchscreen models.  Factory integrated 4G LTE and dedicated GPS round out the communication options

Expansion xPAKS provide users with a variety of additional features, including multiple input/output (I/O) ports, a serial port, fingerprint reader, dedicated graphics and a second storage drive. Both the main storage and optional second storage drive are quick-release, making installs and access to the drives easier. The TOUGHBOOK FZ-55 also has up to 64GB user-upgradable RAM and a backlit keyboard. With different agencies requiring unique features to get their jobs done most efficiently, the modular design helps ensure the TOUGHBOOK 55 is optimized for you.

The TOUGHBOOK 55 has also been engineered to offer backwards compatibility to previous TOUGHBOOK 54 docks, cradles and AC adapters, saving the cost to replace vehicle and desktop docking stations.



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TOUGHBOOK CF-33 Tablet Top View
TOUGHBOOK CF-33 mk2 - I5-10310U 1.7GHZ (4.4GHZ) Model CF-33RZ001VM
MSRP: $3,599.00
PRICE: $3,116.02
TOUGHBOOK CF-33 mk2 - I5-10310U 1.7GHZ (4.4GHZ) Model CF-33RZ001VM
Base Model CF-33 mk2 Tablet Computer (No Keyboard)
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