Panasonic Toughbook C1 - Ergonomic Strap and Dome Hand Support


The Toughbook C1 was also designed to be used while standing during presentations and checking inventory in stores, etc. That's why it features an ergonomic strap and dome hand support.

This strap is wider in the middle and uses a urethane material, which provides elasticity, as well as a comfortable fit that is not too tight. In addition, the bottom of the PC is designed with a contoured dome that envelops your palm to provide the support you need for comfortable long-term use. The dome on the bottom of the PC was designed with the hand in mind as the hand forms a cup shape naturally when it is relaxed. These innovative designs enable the PC to be held for long periods without fatigue 

The wrist and arms are positioned at a natural angle for holding the PC,
and the palm fits snugly against the bottom of the PC naturally.



Designed with a dome on the bottom of the PC


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Panasonic celebrates
the 20th anniversary of Toughbook Rugged Mobile Computing

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