Panasonic Toughbook C1 - Touch Screen Technology

This available display provides two input methods. One is the capacitive multi touch sensor that supports touch and gestures, and the other is a capacitive digitizer (electronic stylus pen).


LCD touchscreen structure of the Toughbook C1    


The capacitive multi touch sensor responds quickly and can be operated with your fingers, not requiring you to use other input methods (stylus pen or keyboard). Because the screen can detect the movement of two fingers, enlarging and shrinking images can be performed intuitively.




For more precise operations, the electronic stylus pen is ideal. The pen can be detected by the sensor when it is brought near the screen. Therefore, hovering (where the cursor moves with a floating pen that does not even contact the screen) is possible. This means fine and accurate operations are now possible because you can place the cursor over small icons or specific cells in dense tables as you would with a mouse.



The available multi touch + digitizer screen allows for either the intuitive finger movement or precise electronic stylus pen movements to be conveniently selected according to usage.

Another useful application of the electronic stylus pen is for signature capture. Usually, for regular capacitive multi touch sensors, if another part of the hand or fingers touches the screen, the cursor will erratically jump to the point of contact. If you try to sign your signature without having your hand touch the screen, you will have to hold your hand awkwardly above the screen, which affects the ease and clarity of your writing.

However, this is not a problem in the Toughbook C1. When the screen detects the electronic stylus (active digitizer pen), the screen disables touch capability temporarily, so you can sign your signature even if part of your hand touches the screen.




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