Panasonic Toughbook C1 Lightweight Rugged Design


Inside and out, Toughbook business-rugged mobile computers are engineered for mobility and durability. The magnesium alloy casing is light but strong, protects against electromagnetic waves and provides good heat dispersion. The contoured lid makes it dramatically stronger than a flat lid design. In addition, an annular pipe around the outer edges of the top plate braces against pressure and prevents twisting, thus protecting the LCD from pressure. Inside, the LCD panel is supported by a floating design, which means that even if the lid were to be twisted, the LCD would not break easily. In this way, a number of combined design elements make the Toughbook business-rugged series one of the lightest and toughest on the market.

Panasonic 20th Anniversary

Panasonic celebrates
the 20th anniversary of Toughbook Rugged Mobile Computing

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